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Stop wasting your time with outdated approaches to marketing your church! This FREE guide delivers 9 steps that you can use to produce PROVEN results for getting new visitors to your church by getting clear with your brand... without the confusion! This is the system that I have used to brand over 300 churches.

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Hello! I'm Michael Persaud.

Years ago, I was on staff at a large church in communications doing everything from graphic design, website, photography, and video. Most of the time I felt like I was spinning my wheels because I did not know if I was actually making an impact. I needed a proven playbook.

Now as an agency owner, I build brands for churches and I am passionate about helping churches understand how to leverage powerful branding to reach their city with the Gospel.

Good branding transforms a church from being the best-kept secret in town to becoming a pillar in the community. People will say, "we have been looking for you all our lives!"

Do people stop to give your church a shot? The problem most churches have is they are invisible in their city.

Good brands present themselves as a solution to a problem in people's lives.

This checklist will provide a step-by-step guide to help you build a bridge between where you are and those you pursue.