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See how I help Legacy Church grow by 130% and see a 300% increase in giving with a brand playbook, conversion-based website, logo, and facility signs.

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There is a vast difference between just looking good and getting new people to come to your church.

Many churches are dying because people no longer understand why they need a church in their life. However, other churches are growing because they cut through the noise to reach their community. 

Is your church one of these growing churches? It can be.

Growing churches are great at presenting the benefits people will experience at the church through digital marketing.

As a pastor, your expertise is not in branding or marketing. It is in doing what you were called to do: bringing hope to people. You desire to see more people experience the hope of the gospel through your ministry.

You know that people judge your church by what they see online, and right now, they are choosing not to come.

"Michael reshaped how we thought about ministry. We are now a church that is equipped to reach the world today and tomorrow. Evangelistic Center has grown because of the branding Michael created for us." - Justin with Evangelistic Center

Struggles With Reaching New Guests

• You have to let people know about the church through advertising, but you don't have an expert on your team that can use the proper marketing tools to connect you with your community.

• You feel like the best-kept secret in town. People desperately need what you have, but they don't realize what you can do for them.

• You are busy with ministry and don't have time to figure out how to create a search engine optimized website, an updated logo, or proper signage on the property. 

Churches used to rely on the tradition that people in America went to church, but that's not the case today.

In the past, a church would get a volunteer that knew how to use Photoshop to create a flyer to attract new visitors. Today, there is so much advertising noise that it takes more than just a flyer to move people.

In the past, churches would have the administrator put up a website with service times, but today's website needs to be well designed and optimized for search engines.

It used to work to run an ad in the local newspaper or magazine, but today people are not paying attention to them. They want social proof.

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Cut Through The Noise

Today, people are not sure why they need a church, so we have to let them know what the benefits are for them. They will come when they recognize that the church can solve their problem.

A marketing consultant that can come in and shape your church advertising will cost $1500. 

Your Logo Matters

Great brands need a well-designed logo that is sticky, so people recognize the organization. A visual identity cuts through the noise, so your church is seen as relevant.

A seasoned designer will cost upwards of $3000 to create a good visual identity (including the logo). 

The Website is The Front Door

The website is the front door to your church where people go to decide if they will come for a first visit. Growing churches have a website that answers people's questions that keep them from coming.

A well-designed website has a high volume of visits, and results in new families coming to services each week.

A strategic website that is search engine optimized will cost upwards of $4500.

Pastor Lucas with Cornerstone Church

I have been helping evangelical churches all around the country unlock their next level of growth by clarifying their brand and implementing their marketing. Here is one example with Legacy Church:

• The church went from a budget of $380,000 in 2021 to over $1.1 million in 2022.

• They saw an increase of 150% in attendance in the first full year of implementing their new brand and marketing.

• They are seeing greater levels of volunteering taking place.

• Legacy Church is now providing its community with hope as the ministry impacts more people.

• They have started construction to add more spaces for families.

Church Brand Guide Brand Evaluation & Playbook

I'll meet with your leadership team for personalized consultation on a Zoom video call to evaluate your current brand and create a playbook for growing your brand.

"Michael and his team are not only talented-beyond-measure, but they are also astute students of their clients. Believe me, you will be amazed at the resources and the ability of their team to fit you and your needs." - Dick Hardy, The Hardy Group

I'll provide a proven framework, you'll provide your God-given vision, and together we'll create a brand to see new guests come to your church. 

• You will have an evaluation from a branding expert of your current brand and website with steps on what to do to fix it. You'll have a playbook that can be executed to attract more people.

• You'll walk away with a proven brand strategy customized for your church. You'll have the messaging to explain the benefits of your church to a stranger. What people understand quickly is what they buy into.

• You will have a great logo design. A well-designed logo will cause your church to draw new guests as they recognize your church around town.

• You will have a website that will cause people to come for a visit. It will be an online tool designed to bring down the walls people have when it comes to your church.

• People will decide whether they will come back to your church within the first 5 minutes. I will design signs for your facilities to communicate the benefits of what you offer. A well-designed lobby causes first-time guests to come back for their next visit. 

"We have seen an increase in attendance and new members since rebranding with Michael." - Pastor Ray Stewart