Clarifies your church to attract new guests and gets them to join the church...

by implementing these 4 branding practices to reach people where they are.

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How to NOT be the best kept secret in town.

People do judge a book by its cover and they are deciding if they will come to your church based on what they see. You have to get your brand right so you are able to reach people in today's culture.

Logo Design

A great logo is an important part of a brand because it is the thing that is seen the most. The design needs to be simple so it is sticky.


The church website is the front door that people will visit first so it needs to have a focused design for the user who is checking out the church for the first time.


The signs on your property are important to build trust with your first-time guests. They are making a decision whether to come back to your church within the first 5 minutes. This is before they have a chance to hear a sermon.

Join 300+ innovative church leaders

Get new guests to come to your services every week.

Churches that clarify their message and build a brand are the ones that thrive in their community.

Branding is about how people perceive you.

You cannot tell people what your brand is; they tell you what your brand is. All we can do is be intentional to present ourselves in a way that aligns with our mission.

What people understand quickly is what they will buy into.

When a church gets its brand right, they see new guests coming regularly, and they choose to join the church.

At Church Brand Guide, you'll get hands-on coaching AND get your brand visuals created right with your logo, website, and facility signs.

Join 300+ innovative church leaders

Get people to join the church.

A brand needs to have clear next steps in place to help people go on a journey with you. Serve people as their guide to help them get what they want and they will choose to join your mission.

A good guide has a simple plan for people to get results in their life. A church is very good at providing hope, community, growth, and significance. If you can communicate these 4 simple ideas to your guests they will be able to see the value they can get from being part of the church.

You need to have a clear process to ask people to join the church in a way that adds value to them. We know that being part of a church is a good thing for people to have in their lives. We need to communicate that we want this for them not from them.

Join 300+ innovative church leaders

Cornerstone Church: 1000-member church brand that created momentum.

Cornerstone Church had been serving the community for over 20 years and determined they needed to rebrand to better present the church today.

The results are more new guests, more people serving, and more people choosing to join the church.

"Michael responded so well to our needs. He learned about who we are so he could design a beautiful website, logo, and graphics. We have seen an increase in attendance and new members since rebranding with Michael." - Pastor Lucas Forthsoff

Vibrant Church: A new church plant that saw 387 people come to launch day.

Pastor Brandon Sereg started Vibrant Church in a city where they did not know anyone and they were able to cut through the noise to get new church members quickly.

Within months, the church was able to be self-sustaining in revenue to cover the monthly rental of a venue, the salary of the pastor, and the purchasing of resources.

"Michael worked with me to hone in on what our vision is and he created the right logo and website for us. We were ready for the pandemic shutdown and doing church in a digital space. Half of our new guests report they came because they found our website on Google and liked what they saw." - Pastor Brandon Sereg

Evangelistic Center: Branding that allowed for a church that reaches 3 generations.

Bishop Vaughn reached to Michael to create a new website, and that turned into a complete rebrand of the church. Over time, Evangelistic Center transformed from a church of older congregants who had been there for decades, to a church where young adults and their children felt welcomed.

The church was well prepared for the Pandemic in 2020 and saw increases in giving and attendance online.

"Michael reshaped how we thought about ministry. We are now a church that is equipped to reach the world today and tomorrow. Evangelistic Center has grown because of the branding Michael created for us." - Justin Vaughn